Best thing about it?

Its metaverse potential

is not priced in.


Mark Z.

Harvard drop-out

California’s called “Disruption State”

for a reason.



NFT will replace bear on the state flag.

It. Can. Happen.

Scott "Cab" Calloway

Podcaster / Former UCLA

Forget punks, apes or Peeple.

This is the most Instagrammed NFT

and art sculpture in the making.

And i know a thing or two

about most Instagrammed.

Kim K. W.

Working Mom from California

fuck, man, for fuck sake

now you fucking know

what i fucking mean

when i fucking say that

you want fucking perspective!

Harry Pee

Die hard @NYJets fan

Honourable gentlemen,

long serving members of committee,


shall we give our permission and approval

this NFT will be erected a mile away

from world’s oldest central bank

in the country ??

of world’s oldest fiat currency?

Indeed, Sirs,

that’s unacceptable.



No. No. No.

Westminster Council

4.20 pm, 20th of April, Central London

Now, listen to me:

web3 is NOT

web1 + web2


I repeat:

web1 + web2

does NOT equal web3


Math teacher, new kind of

(approved by the new mayor)

NFT, short for

No, Fuck That?

Twitter troll

NFT, short for

Now, Fist That?

and another Twitter troll


jack of all trades

Don’t ask yourself

what your city can do for you.

Ask yourself:

how many locals

and how many tourists

visiting your city

(domestic and international)

will resist urge

to hold that tool

with the smile on their face

and ask friend to make a pic, caption it,

add hashtag and put on social?

Go on, ask yourself, how many?

John from Washington DC

author of "Moonshot"

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Bill Smith

Spring breaker from Bel Air, L.A.

“Disruption State of Mind”

New Single

Streaming Spring 2022

Lay Z

Stoner from Brooklyn

Charging Bull of Gen Z

Past Company