Because who doesn’t like

Chewsday Night Football®


Chewsday Night Football®

(CEP – Category Entry Point)

worth billions

will come with

BETCHAPP™ on top

?? and ??

two largest sport betting markets


same all

same old

sea of sameness:

(100% horse sausage sauce)

greenish sauce

blueish sauce 



all by Bookiesaurus Plc*

*100% horse sausage sauce since 19th century


App-steroid vs Bookiesaurus®

start-up brand

Jurassic Coast feat. Jurassic Park


high odds


high returns


native apps ready

in 3 – 8 weeks

after funding round closed

there is only

one risk to fund:

UK ad campaign of

enormous distinctiveness

(to be identified, remembered and considered by a user)

because the brand is easy

to digest, remember and retell

and to think of in a

binary choice architecture

Brands not Blands

to make not brake

margins and profits

in online gambling industry

in 2022 onwards


(a quote by Dave Trott)

“to stand out, to provoke,

to get noticed and get remembered.

Our job is impact.”

B2B? VC? Angel?

pitch at

beach hut on Jurassic Coast ??


by California Ketchapp Company Limited

Company number 12564942

Registered office address 445 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, England, BH1 4AB


betchapp rhymes with Cali ketchup